CEO Message

Our company name “Accesight” is a coined word derived from both “Accelerate” and “Insight”.

The definition of “Accelerate” is “to move faster” or “to promote quickly,” and through the provision of services and products, we put our strong feelings into accelerating clients businesses and growing together.

So, how do we accelerate and promote our client’s business?

The definition of “Insight” is “discernment,” “opinion,” or ” knowledge.” To meet our client’s goals, needs, or issues, we capture the true essence of things with insight and knowledge gained through our experiences, passionately finding the best solutions for our clients.

I believe “the essential point of view” includes the point of view “outside of the box," that is not lead astray by other’s information, has not yet been realized by anyone, and that can quickly lead to optimal solutions.

I personally think that when you logically search for the solution to certain issues in daily life, you may often lose your initial direction or reach an impasse. At these times my aim is to return to the origin and basics of the matter and deeply reflect on its essence.

“Mutually grow!”

“Fight with essence!”

“Succeed worldwide!”

Let’s soar as a company with these as our slogans!

With the explosive growth of the Internet environment and mobile devices in recent years, the environments surrounding our clients’ businesses are constantly changing. In order to respond to such drastic era changes it is important to get back to the basics (origin), and with the “essential point of view,” all the employees at our company will support our clients’ growth of acceleration and promotion through providing valuable products and services.

President and CEO Junsuke Shigechi