Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategies

We place particular importance on the points below in order to offer digital marketing strategies business best suited to our clients.

Advantages of our proposed digital marketin

  • 1 By integrating the world of the Internet and the real world into a digital platform, and by also analyzing the actual data of daily activities, we will continue to optimize our services with improving efficiency.
  • 2 We conduct marketing measures with consideration of client business scales and styles (BtoC companies, BtoB companies, etc.), in addition to the latest buying decision processes.
  • 3We implement marketing measures with consideration for the balance of content and design.

Digital marketing measures to achieve our client’s business goals

In recent years the number of worldwide Internet users has reached about 30 million people, corresponding to about 40% of the world's population, and 1 million of those users are in Japan, corresponding to about 80% of the Japanese population.

The ways (devices) that people use to access the Internet vary greatly, such as computers, smartphones, mobile, tablets, and game devices. The spread rate for smartphones and tablets in particular has grown rapidly in the recent years.

The number of worldwide Internet users has reached about 30 million people, and 1 million of those users are in Japan, corresponding to about 80% of the Japanese population.

Diversification of Internet devices







In this historical background, for companies that sell products and services to general consumers or business buyers, marketing measures that can take advantage of the Internet as the point of connection to their customers via SEO, listing advertising, e-mail magazines, banner advertising, social media marketing, etc., are becoming very important marketing tools.

With the explosive growth of the Internet, people are in an environment where they can get necessary information at anytime, anywhere. The Buying Decision Process for general consumers and business buyers in regards to purchasing products and services has been significantly changing in recent years, so it is becoming very difficult for customer acquisition and enclosure through the traditional methods of marketing and sales.

Changes in The Consumer Buying Decision Process in BtoC

The consumer buying decision process had been changed to the AISAS from the classic AIDMA model
Furthermore, it is currently transitioning to the era of AISCEAS.


Characteristically, the current consumer buying decision process has been changing due to the commoditization of products, increase of comparison sites, and increase of review sites, such as Amazon. The current trend in regards to purchasing products and services for consumers is that they first search on the Internet, use comparison sites and search keywords to compare the products/services on different sites, and then examine them using the reviews of others that have already purchased the products/services.

In addition, these processes (customer journey) tend to become more complicated because various channels exist, including using devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, or physically visiting the store oneself. Therefore it is necessary to implement personalized marketing measures in accordance to each customer’s hobby, interest, tastes, and action history.

Changes in The Business Buying Decision Process in BtoC

The common flow of the buying decision process in BtoB begins with daily information gathering, recognizing the issues and needs of the customer's business environment, and further information gathering for investigating solutions for such issues and needs. This is followed by selecting suppliers after a comparison of the suppliers of the proposal and finally purchasing after reaching a decision via collective deliberation.

In the past, corporate purchasing managers used to inquire to their personal sales department supplier after daily information gathering through mass marketing (newspaper, TV, radio, magazine, etc.), websites, or e-mail magazines.

However, with the substantial amount of information on the Internet at present, the flow has changed such that business buyers themselves are carrying out the detailed information gathering, and only after completing a certain amount of the selection process do they inquire to the sales department.。

The buying decision process

The buying decision process

In other words, by the time an inquiry comes to your company, most of the customer’s buying decision process has already been completed, so we can say that it has become an era that you cannot survive in unless the product is outstanding or it has strong brand power.

As a measure, while providing more useful content (including the details, advantages, disadvantages, price range, delivery date, the results, etc. of products and services) to the microsites that specialize in company sites or products, it is necessary to implement marketing measures that have a defined target customer.

In correspondence to these points of view, and using the best of our experiences and knowledge, we at Accesight propose the most effective digital marketing measures for our clients.