Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We plan and produce marketing measures using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LINE.

Facebook Twitter

Third-party e-mail magazine services

For prospective/potential customer lists and existing customer lists, we plan, produce and operate effective e-mail magazine services in accordance to merchandise or services that our clients intend to promote.
We provide text emails or html emails in accordance to each device, such as PC, Smartphones, tablets, and mobile.

Producing content for each device

We plan and develop content and applications that are compatible to each device, such as smartphones, tablets, and touch panel device.

Third-party production and sending of DM (Direct Mail)

We offer total support for planning, designing, producing, and sending of DM.
We provide digitalized DM and propose solutions operating with digital marketing measures.

Produce and design flyers, signboards, and posters (digital signage display)

We offer total support for planning, designing and producing the content of flyers, signboards, and posters operating with digital marketing measures.

Plan and implement measures for CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Effectively using the customer database, such as for prospective/potential/existing customers, we implement the planning and managing of CRM measures operating with digital measures, and further improve the LTV (Life Time Value).