IT is moving from the era of owning
to the era of using

We support the investigation and selection of introductory IT or Cloud according to our clients scale and business.We especially support Cloud services for our clients.We also dispatch a consultant from our company during the investigation phase of the project.

Due to the explosive growth of the Internet and mobile devices in recent years, the ideas for the introduction of business applications in corporations have been changing. Subsequently, the IT infrastructures to support management is shifting from each company owning its own, to each company using high quality low cost introduction/investigation Cloud services at their discretion.

The current Cloud services are classified as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS based on offered ranges of services to users. Utilization forms are roughly classified as "Private Cloud" for exclusive possession types, "Public Cloud" as shared types, and the "Hybrid Cloud" that selects from both private and public according to the business style.

Cloud service

In order to examine and select the most appropriate Cloud services for a company, the following various points must be considered.

Currently information is very common, so considering 'What Cloud service is the best for your company?' takes a lot of time and money.

  • ‘Fit&Gap’ between current business content and the application features that Cloud services provide.
  • The security of knowing whether the company's secret data is protected properly.
  • Service levels, such as response rates for inquiries due to system operation rates and system failures.
  • BC/DR, such as for the existence or nonexistence of disaster backup environments.
  • Introducing achievements in the same industry.
  • Corresponding regions, display languages, and global support for supporting languages.
  • The reduction of TCO and consideration of ROI when compared to the introduction to the company.
  • Consideration for the system at time of introduction and operation.
  • Cooperation with other services and the extensibility of future services.
  • Introduction schedule and speed.

At Accesight, we deeply understand client issues and goals, and support the introduction of IT and Cloud that is the most suitable for their scale and business.