Do you have any of these issues?


can't get out of "outbound" marketing activities

Can't get out of outbound marketing and sales activities such as telephone appointment, walk-in sales, direct message, exhibition, etc....


Failing to acquire "quality prospects."

It is not possible to efficiently acquire "high-quality" customers who are most interested in or interested in their products and services, not the "quantity" of acquiring prospective customers.


Not "attracting customers from the website" at all.

Due to the speed and correspondence cost of the existing complicated mechanism, it is impossible to update content on our website at all, and the number of inquiries from the website does not increase...



We support with one-stop service!

We can provide "one-stop" support from consulting and cloud introduction support
related to marketing and sales activities to website design and CMS implementation related to website production,
and content operation support utilizing digital.


Consulting /
Cloud Implementation Support

  • Business improvement consulting
  • HubSpot introduction support service
  • Website analysis
  • Marketing persona / Customer journey design
  • SEO improvement consulting
  • CMS / MA / CRM tool selection support

Website production

  • Website planning and design
  • Wireframe design
  • Design production
  • Illustration / Logo production
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript coding
  • CMS development(HubSpot / WordPress)
  • Web application development
  • Data linkage development(Zapier)

Website maintenance / operation

  • Text / Image modification / Article submission support
  • New page addition
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript modification
  • CMS modification
  • System modification
  • Upgrade / Security support

Content operation support

  • Landing page production
  • Mail magazine template production
  • Interviewing and manuscript writing
  • Photography
  • Article content production
  • PDF content production
  • Video production

Advertising planning / operation

  • Google advertising operation
  • LinkedIn advertising operation
  • Facebook advertising operation
  • Business press agency sales

Strengths of Accesight

Early implementation through "best practice" proposals specific to B2B/B2C companies

By proposing the planning and design of "best practices that are most likely to produce results" accumulated through our experience and know-how, the initial examination period can be significantly reduced, and can achieve "early implementation" through effective use of cloud services.


UI/UX design that puts the user's perspective first to "both branding and attracting customers"

We are not a company that specializes in branding or attracting customers through advertising. Since our foundation, we have pursued the most user-friendly "UI/UX" and propose designs that strike a balance between branding and customer attraction.

Implementing "user-friendly" for both users and operators through technology

In addition to providing the most user-friendly technology for website users, for those in charge of website operation and updating, "CMS development" of a system that allows intuitive updating will reduce operating costs and enable timely updating that leads to attracting customers.